I’m Prue, a mid-thirties fat geek chick with a love for kitsch treasure, The Golden Girls, late night confessions and cats. I’ve been affected by mental illness since I was 16, struggling with Depression, Anxiety, Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia, O.C.D & Psychosis.
Living with mental illness can fill you with a lot of shame. It can mean hiding your diagnosis and it’s effects from the people around you to maintain a facade of normality. But it’s a tough lie to maintain, and I’m tired of advocating acceptance for those with mental illness, while simultaneously concealing how it impinges upon my own life. This blog is an attempt to become radically honest about my diagnoses and my struggle to stay as well as I can.
I want to be the best ally I can to the mental health community and that means sharing my own story with candor. It will be confronting at times and an exercise that won’t always be easy for me, but it will be frank and honest. If you’re affected by mental illness too, I hope you can find some comfort in knowing you’re not alone. If you’re neurotypical and just curious, then I hope it gives you an insight into what it’s like to live with compromised mental health. Everyone’s journey is different, and this is mine.