So I think I’ve had about six or seven ECT sessions, each one leaves me more confused than the next. I’m not sure if it’s making an impact on me the way I’d hoped, but my Shrink seems to be happy with it. Friday’s completely wiped me out. I think it’s more the general anesthetic that puts me on my arse than the actual ECT itself, but I have trouble after ECT remembering things I should. Like, I’m sure we spoke about when my next treatment would be but I can’t remember when we arranged it for. The hospital called me today and I missed it, so I’ll have to give them a buzz back tomorrow to find out.

I went and got my hair cut over the weekend, and my nails done. This whole treating yourself thing is kinda nice.  I like having my nails done. It stops me from biting them, which is a habit I’ve had since childhood. Plus, there’s a cute guy on the horizon so I want to feel pretty and keep my nails looking nice. I met him online before I went to hospital and he msg’d nearly every day while I was an inpatient. I like that he didn’t let the fact I was going to the Psych Hospital put him off knowing me. I know it would give most others pause for thought.  So he’s scored points already, just overlooking the nuthouse thing. We skyped tonight and I think it went well. I’ll be sure to tell you if anything comes of it. It’s late so I’m going to turn in. Bea, my kitty, is sitting here just staring at me, longing for us to turn in. She loves her bed time cuddles.