This probably sounds weird, but I actually miss being in hospital. I miss the friends I made and the availability of people to talk to and laugh with. I know a Psychiatric Hospital doesn’t sound like it’d be a barrel of laughs, but you’d be surprised. Most of us learned to laugh at ourselves long ago. I cracked my friend M up as he saw me wheeled back to my room after my first ECT treatment. Apparently I looked like a clown with one of those insane smiles whose mouth you throw balls into. I lost it with laughter when he told me that. It must have been some killer anesthetic drugs I was on.
Every time I stay in hospital I meet the coolest people. It sucks that some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet have had to deal with the shittiest situations you can imagine. Life can be a right dick sometimes.

Apart from missing my new friends, I’ve been feeling relatively well. I think ECT has been a good thing for me. I certainly don’t regret it, even though it’s brought with it some memory loss, which wasn’t unexpected. Conversations, names, that sort of thing. Nothing drastic. I still remember most of my stay in hospital, I just have a few gaps. I’m not too worried about it. My dental veneer is still in good shape, which was my main concern during ECT. I go back into hospital tomorrow as a day patient for ECT and again the following week. I’m going to see if I can take a photo of the ECT suite Wednesday so you have an idea of what it’s like. The idea of it was far more scary than the actual procedure.   I’ve started another medication as well since returning home which should help me stay on track, fingers crossed.

I hope you’re all doing well xo