Huzzah! Today I left the house to go out with a friend for the first time in months. I said no initially, because I always do, but also because I hadn’t showered and my hair was looking shithouse and the idea of putting on a frock was just too overwhelming. But he said he’d call back in ten minutes to see if I’d changed my mind, and by then I’d noticed a dress I could wear hanging on the back of the dresser, shoes on the floor and a cardigan close by. I wasn’t putting on a face, but fuck it, I thought. It’s only Springvale and I was with the only person I could say to half way through the trip “I’ve gotta get out of here” and he wouldn’t be a single bit miffed, so that made my decision easier. We spent an hour talking about mental illness and suicide over chicken and rice. Not your typical lunch hour talk, but nothing unusual for us. Then we came via McDonalds where we grabbed a McFlurry and sat in the car talking shit. It was nice to get out of my head for a while, and be reasonably sociable. It’s something I’m going to work on in the future, saying yes to more things, that is. My friend even noticed my nails that I’d done at the nail shop a week ago. It took me 4 weeks of working up to it to actually get there due to my overwhelming OCD about contamination and while the experience itself was unpleasant, the results were great. I’m even going to try and do it again in two weeks time.