I swear my Psychologist is amazing. She’s been calling me since our session on Thursday, just to make sure I’m still alive. I panicked this morning because my phone was on silent, so she emailed me and said if I didn’t get back to her by the end of the day she was calling an Ambulance. I joked with her that by then I’d likely have been dead 8 hours by that time, but at least the Coroner wouldn’t fault her for checking up on me in an inquest, which prompted her to write some proper notes on our sessions just in case. When she asked me how I was feeling and my reply was “Meh” she knew exactly what I meant. “Sobriety sucks, doesn’t it?” she laughed. “Indeed, cold turkey was not as delicious as I’d hoped it would be” I responded. It’s a nice feeling to have at least one person in my corner, who’s concerned enough to call and check on me. I know she’s probably legally obligated to, but nothing requires her to be so kind and empathetic on the phone or during our sessions. And yes, I pay her to be on my mental health team squad, but in the past I’ve had some poor players. People I felt I couldn’t count on. Not like her. She’s there when the team is doing well, and when it’s faltering completely. And she makes me laugh, to boot so there’s that. I wish everyone had someone like her in their lives. I might buy a cactus to take into her when I see her in a week’s time. Just something small so she knows her hard work is appreciated, because it is, greatly.